EGSOM serves the Prayer Room…

EGSOM is the training and equipping department of the International House of Prayer Eastern Gate.  We like to say that it provides the "WHY's" behind the "WHAT's" of the House of Prayer.   In other words, it's purpose is to provide biblical explanations and doctrinal foundations for the core beliefs of the House of Prayer while giving students opportunities to grow confidence in their participation in its ongoing activities.  This we accomplish through various seasons of intensive studies and periods of  personal consecration to God in worship and prayer.  

At its core, the fundamental teachings and study programs of the EGSOM are aimed at: 
  1. Exalting the worth and beauty of Jesus; 
  2. Training Believers to cultivate a proper worldview of the Scriptures;  and
  3.  Grounding the blessed hope of all  Believers's  on the firm foundation of God's Messianic promises for His Church in the age to come!

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Internship is NOT a  series of classes... it's an EXPERIENCE!