Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the International House of Prayer a denomination or franchise?

A: No, every house of prayer is independent and autonomous to remain faithful to the work of God in their own particular unique region. Although we remain intimately connected with the leadership of International House of Prayer Kansas City in relationship, we are not the same organization, nor are we a “branch” of them in the north east.  We desire to be faithful to the work of the Spirit in the North east, and recognize/acknowledge that the expression of 24/7 prayer may be different in our region than in Kansas City, Mo.

Q: Is Eastern Gate held accountable to others?

A: Yes, Eastern Gate is held accountable to a board of trustees, as well as in its ministry relationships with International House of Prayer Kansas City, churches from around the region, and organizations such as New York City Relief.  Eastern Gate does not act as a “stand-alone” organization.  We desire to run and partner with others in a spirit of ecumenical unity.

Q: How does this differ from a church?

A: While the church is primarily focused on the needs of individuals, at Eastern Gate, our primary focus is ministering unto the Lord in corporate worship/ intercession. Within that context we intercede for the needs of our community, state, country, and nations. More simply put, we offer a place where people can pray in an atmosphere of God’s presence.

Q:How do you define ministry to the Lord?

A: It is the simple activity of giving God our undistracted attention in prayer and/or in worship.  As we interact with God in both prayer and worship we are ministering to Him relationally.

Q: Why is it called harp and bowl model of prayer?

A: It is called harp and bowl simply due to the blending of worship and singing with intercession as the primary function.  The words harp and bowl is from the activity that was revealed to John the Apostle in the Book of Revelation. (Rev. 5:8)  It is characterized by a God-ward focus that utilizes the scriptures as a framework for our prayers.

Q: Why is sustained corporate prayer important?

A: Basically it is modeled throughout the entire bible.  From the Tabernacles of Moses and David to the upper room in the Book of Acts into the heavenly symphonies of Revelation.  There has always been a greater release of blessing when brethren dwelled together in unity.  Worship/Intercession is that unifying factor. (Psalm 133, Luke 18:7, Luke 2:36)

Q: What is the focus of the prayer being offered?

A: We offer prayers of praise, thanksgiving, and petition.  Some of the prayers focus around strength for the church, salvation for the nations, and the Great Commission of Christ to come to pass, but of course this is not all inclusive.

Q: Is this approach to prayer somehow better than a traditional type of prayer?

A: This model of prayer is not superior to other expressions of prayer in the any way.  To claim we have the right way to pray goes against everything corporate prayer stands for.  The prayer furnace exists as a place to unify the body of Christ through authority found in humility.  Every model of prayer should be embraced that is glorifying God.

Q. Why should we put the time into this model as opposed to another?

A: What makes this model worth pursuing is that it is a viable way to sustain worship and intercession within a group of many people with many backgrounds.  Eastern Gate allows the singing and music to bring us into unity around the throne in worship. The Biblical prayers bring us quickly into agreement with each other and with God.  The room engaged in agreement becomes a place of enjoyment and fascination as our hearts are connected with one another and with God.

Q: What relationship do you desire with local churches?

A: We enter into a spirit of cooperation with them, desiring to see a growing sense of unity across the body of Christ.

Q: Do you have regular hours?

A: Yes.  Our desire is to expand our hours until we have a 24hr/7day prayer furnace at the eastern gate of America